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Re: My U.S. Krag

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And try cast to see how they work....mine actually likes 155 Amax bullets very well...

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Re: My U.S. Krag

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Time to move up
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Re: My U.S. Krag

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Shooting the 220 rn as the most accurate load is a myth . The Army picked that bullet for down range performance . I have won military rifle matches with a 130 spire point bullet in both of my 98 rifles and my 96 . All 100 yard 5-shot groups from the bench were under 1 inch . A friend also shot around an inch with that bullet in his 98 . Another club shooter shot back to back sub 1.4 groups with his 98 with the 155 Palma . None of us have ever shot that well with any of the 220 rn bullets , with many different loads .

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Re: My U.S. Krag

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With a damaged bore, the longer bearing surface on a long round nose might be more consistent, and will "slug-up" to fill the grooves better.
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