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For Sale Rules PLEASE READ FIRST Updated 1 May 11

For Sale: Please READ first


NOTE: The only items allowed in any of the For Sale areas are Firearms and closely related items only (i.e. accessories, ammunition, bayonets, shooting gear, reloading etc.).

Look What I Found For Sale:

Anything posted here is up for grabs, if you intend to buy the item, don't post it here. If you have questions about "if it's a good deal or not" post your questions in the respective forum so you don't get "sniped" (someone buys it because you pointed it out).

"Looking For......": Below are some suggestions and few housekeeping rules.

1. Make sure your post topic is descriptive.

2. Add as much information, or describe the part you are looking for as well as you can.

3. After you find your elusive item, come back and edit the post topic and add “FOUND!” to the end of it. It will provide positive feedback and let everyone know the forum is helpful.

4. If you do not get any replies in 30 days, try editing the first and last post title “Still looking for . . . “

5. Post over 60 days old will be deleted to keep the forum clean.

Thanks and happy scrounging!

For Sale:

NOTICE: We are not Gunbroker, Auction Arms, or Gunsamerica. We are not open to the public and do not have to put up with all classes of buyers and sellers. WE ARE A PRIVATE COMMUNITY OF SAME MINDED ENTHUSIASTS WHO ARE ENTERING TRANSACTIONS WITH OTHER MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY! We must have the highest of all standards due to the fact that our ability to enforce fraudulent sellers and dishonorable sellers is very limited. A seller's honor is all he brings with him to this community and if he has none or the lack of experience to complete a transaction in an ethical fashion, HE HAS NO BUSINESS HERE....PERIOD.
In that light this section is controlled by the moderation staff. As your moderators we are the arbitrators of any disputes that may arise here. Due to recent less than honorable transactions in this section we have a class of banned sellers that are not viewable to the public to maintain their privacy. They will not have access to the For Sale area at all, and in most likelihood have negative feedback as well.

Should any buyer or seller have a problem pertaining to the sale or purchase of an item on this forum then a moderator should be consulted and proper action will be taken on his behalf by the moderation staff. The bottom line is unless you desire your ability to use the for sale section, and in severe cases your access to the entire sight suspended, be prepared to honor any and all agreements you have made here

It is OK to post items for sale but there are a couple rules that we would ask that you follow in doing so:

1) The item be posted in the "For Sale" forum and not in any other forums here at surplusrifle. If your item is for sale elsewhere on the web please make it clear in your for sale notice. If you intend to pull your item for sale you must post a notice that the item is no longer available. Keep in mind that if you do offer an item for sale or trade and receive bona-fide offers you must deal with each offer on an individual basis and notify those who have contacted you that the item is no longer available. By offering an item for sale here it is expected that the seller will treat each potential buyer with extreme courtesy as that is the nature of this community. To sell you must be the actual seller. This is a members For Sale forum only.

2) The item for sale is sold by either a non-commercial entity or a paying sponsor.

Any commercial entities/companies that wish to post their wares for sale on the forum are welcome to do so for a period no longer than thirty days and this will only be allowed one single time. After the thirty days the post will be removed. If you wish to post the items for sale beyond the thirty days you will have to become a sponsor. We have a special section for this, please notfiy a moderator you are doing so under these provisions.

3) Upon sale, trade or completion of your post, please add "SOLD”, “No Longer Available” “Traded” or something similar to the subject. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE TEXT, PICTURES, PRICES ETC. Other members use it the information as a price guide and it saves countless repeat questions in applicable forum areas.

4) Any private sale thread with posts older than 30 days may be periodically deleted

5) Buyer/Seller Positive and Negative Feedback is allowed but please post it in the correct sub forum. Negative feedback will be viewed and approved by a moderator before it's visible to all members.

6) Post in the For Sale forum will be of a fixed price style post. This is not the place to run an auction or incite a bidding war. We NO LONGER allow links to member auctions in the For Sale section of the forum. No one has any control over the listing and all they do is create confusion. They also interfere with legitimate member For Sale ads.

7) Please keep the Bump To Top (Bump to top) post to minimum. We keep the For Sale . . . forum pretty clean, so "Bump to top" post should be used with discretion.

8.) If you do not intend to purchase an item do not make comments like "I would buy that but I just bought a new Lear Jet and will have to wait until next paycheck". This is irrelevant information and is not appreciated by anyone, especially the seller. Comments posted that do not pertain to the sale will be deleted without notification to the poster, this should be self explanatory.

9) Ranting at the Surplusrifle community in general because you have been insulted in a private email about inquires of trades, lower cost/offers...should be addressed by hitting the reply button on the said email. Do not post a rant towards the whole community within your for sale post.

10) Do not hi-jack folks advertisements buy telling people you paid less or more or referring to similar or same product off site. If you just have to do such, please use the PM or email, not a response/post in someone’s individual classified.

11) The For Sale section is available to anyone with a minimum of 10 posts and 30 days membership on the forums. This is to cut down on the number of people who sign-up just sell their items. This section is meant for active members of the board. If you are a long standing member with a low post count contact a Moderator and we can help you out.

12) If you want to buy and/or sell you will need to have at least your state and age updated in your profile. We cannot force anyone to enter this information, but if you don't your For Sale Post, or Buying Post will be deleted. This is more of a courtesy to others so they don't waste their time PM/e-mailing to find out how old you are or where you are located. It also helps a buyer or seller to get an estimate of shipping if they know the location of the other party.

13) Reloaded Ammunition NOT allowed For Sale in the forum:

- Reloaded ammunition from an unlicensed source will not be allowed to be bought, sold or traded on our forum.

- All ammunition bought or sold (commercial/milsurp etc.) should be checked before use for obvious defects. As with all ammo, shoot at your own risk and be safe.

14) PAYPAL usage: It's highly recommended that buyer and seller do their own research on what is allowed and not allowed under PayPal Terms of Service usage. Violating their Terms of Service usage and getting caught will get your funds frozen, you account locked. If you are in the middle of a "deal" you have NO ONE to cry to if a deal goes bad. In other words, you are on your own. We highly recommend you use USPS Money Orders and other financial methods where if a deal goes bad you have some legal recourse to get your money back. If a For Sale deal goes sour because of a PayPal deal, sorry the moderators will no longer be able to help. We might be able to offer suggestions, but you are on your own, unless all parties agree to arbitration.

For the protection of our members we reserve the right to post the above, directly to the ad (without prior notice), if the member does say he will take PayPal for firearms, Ammo or firearms parts. Do yourself a favor, just say contact me for other discrete payment methods..

Any difficulties between a buyer and seller should be brought to the immediate attention of a moderator. There are some members who have been banned from selling or buying on our forum. We no longer make the list public. Should you engage in a sale via PM's outside of the For Sale sections, beware.

15) Not all email clients are alike, some members do not get PM notifications. As a result we must take action to protect our members. Starting now, all questions, offers and "I'll take it" must be done in the actual for sale thread. NO PM's.

"I'll take it's" Which as as reminder are to be in the THREAD not in a PM on our forum we consider to be a binding commitment to buy/sell. The only way out of if is if both parties work out an agreement to undo the sale. In other words, moderator intervention is not needed.

This protects all from false expectations, keeps everything above board and the playing field level. After the sale is agreed upon, private information should use alternate methods (PM's Emails). Corrections to potential misrepresentations should also be in the public view, but must be in good taste and adhere to existing rules.

16) Sellers have the right to not sell to an individual based on forum knowledge (our forum or others) or from advice of members, because of this they may decline to sell to an individual, but must aprise a moderator of their intention before doing so. The declination must not be based on race, gender, religion, or political beliefs.

17) Restricted Sales to Certain States/Cities:

Restricted selling: The only acceptable wording in a For Sale ad if it must be (Restricted selling) is "not for sale where restricted by law" or something similar.

For Sale items that are legal for both buyer and seller cannot be restricted by such wording as "Not For Sale in XXX".

We are a community, for those who refuse to ship to Xyz state, or Zyx city; the Buyer has the right to provide you valid links to prove the sale would be legal. The laws pretty much sum it up, buyer and seller must make sure the sale is legal; in most cases it's up the buyer to show it is legal to the seller. If they can't resolve their differences by themselves, moderators of this forum cannot force the sale, however it's your reputation you are tarnishing.

Sellers if you want the best chance of selling your item, don't limit your pool of potential buyers. There are practical ways of finding out if the sale is legal or not.

Members who violate any of the above or involve deceit, or any-other unethical practices may be banned from using this section after the Forum Owner and Moderators review both sides of the transaction. Notice that we have banned several users from the For Sale area. These choices were made to protect the users of this forum. Keep in mind an agreement to purchase or buy, we consider a binding agreement. If you aren't sure, don't offer to sell or buy.

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