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Stock replacement

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 5:02 pm
by retread12345678
NO EXPERT. Will a Model 48 Yugo rifle be at home in a German 98 K stock ?? I have read the M48 actions were shorter than wartime 98ks. Any body

know ? I have a nice , but mismatched Yugo sported but not drilled and would like to restore it. Thanks

Re: Stock replacement

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:23 pm
by Ghoulardi
why not just buy a m48 Yugo stock? there are a few on GUNBROKER

Re: Stock replacement

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:25 am
by 72 usmc
Yep, figure from $100 at gun shows to $175 at auctions for an M48 stock complete with all metal, now a k98 stock complete with metal and hand guard from a gun show or like Stewards military antiques --- you are talking $250-400 depending on finish and markings/modifications. see ... y-antiques

Also M24/47s and M48s use a shorter action(intermediate)rather than the (standard action ) K98, so the stocks will not interchange easily. M48s are an intermediate length action. There are different screw hole patterns. If I remember right, a standard length action has 7 7/8" between the trigger guard screw holes, and an intermediate length has 7 5/8" . Also if I remember right, the M48 Yugo barrel has an extra bit of metal with a slightly different extractor slot cut. K98 German barrels show slightly different cuts. Because of this, without a lot of tinkering, fitting, and cutting, the shorter M48s do not just drop into a K98 stock. You should also have hand guard problems with fit. Then it's not original, its a cobbled together mess. Best to keep it as a sporter rifle, then go too such a cost to make a Yugo/German bubba. A true Mauser guy can correct me on the above if I remember wrong. I did not take down my two rifles to verify this. here is some source info ... rence.html

Do it right and increase your rifles value and restore it to its former glory. For a drop in fit, why not just buy a nice M48 cheeper stock from eBay, a gun show, or an auction and avoid the fitting problems that a K98 stock would give. A K98 stock is generally on the more costly side. Now as a side note, a VZ 24 stock does allow for a drop in fit for a K98 action if it had a bent bolt cut on the VZ24 stock. Also there are a lot of spare M48 stocks because many guys got those cheep $79 M 48s back a few years ago and made them into hunting rifles by using the black stocks or fancy wood stocks. Hence, you generally see M48s or M48A stocks rather than a nice K98 stock at shows. And why would you alter an expensive K98 stock unless you have an RC K98 cracked dog stock to use.

So for around $100-150 I think you can get a complete M48 stock. That will allow your action to just drop in and restore that rifle. And if you already have a K98 stock any fool would trade you even+ for that K98 stock and give you a nice M48 stock in :drool: :drool: trade ASAP.

Re: Stock replacement

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:36 pm
by retread12345678
Thank you all. for your accurate and. excellent advice.