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Reloading dies for 7.5 swiss

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Re: Reloading dies for 7.5 swiss

#16 Post by professrh » Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:16 am

I've been loading (and hunting with) close to full-power loads in my K31 and K11. I full-length size with the Lee dies, and the cases fit (and extract) with the 96/11, the K11, and the K31s. I'm shooting Sierra 165-grain SPs at a bit over 2600 fps.

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Re: Reloading dies for 7.5 swiss

#17 Post by lamontagne0527 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:45 pm

Ok so the overall consensus im getting is that the LEE dies are suitable for the SWISS gewehr 1911 long rifle. Does the k31 have a sloppier or tighter chamber than the previous rounds? I know the 1889 has a somewhat "sloppy" chamber by later model standards.

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Re: Reloading dies for 7.5 swiss

#18 Post by polaris » Fri Mar 02, 2018 1:39 pm

I have the K-31, M1911 and 96/11 in inventory. I'm firing PRVI boxer cases with relatively mild loads, aprox between Hornady book max and start. I have the Lee FL and Lee collet neck dies in inventory. Brass sized FL (full camover crush fit on the shellholder) reliably and easily chamber in all 3 regardless of which chamber model they were originally fired in. Considerable force is needed to resize cases fired in the K-31, slightly less for brass fired in the 96 or 1911. Brass partially sized in the FL die (aprox 1/8" gap between shellholder and die) previously fired in the long rifles will chamber with a slight camming in the long rifles, and chambers easily in the K-31. Brass sized in the collet neck die will ONLY chamber in the specific rifle it was originally fired in. My die sets were purchased about 6 years ago, possible something has changed since Rapidrobs experience with them.

My Conclusion is: the Lee FL dies will resize brass for all rifles. Tailoring to your chamber will reduce brass wear and tear if you can back off the sizer and still get proper function. The Lee Collet Neck will be rifle specific. I also do not buy the widely reported "fact" that neck sized brass must be shoulder bumped to work in the swiss rifles. I am over 8 firings on several batches of brass fired exclusively in a single K-31 and have no issues locking up the bolt, just the usual firm final camming you get with any neck sized brass in any bolt gun. You just need to close the bolt smartly and there will be no issues.

If you have a single Swiss rifle, I would buy the Lee full length set, and supplement with the Lee collet sizing die only. Use the latter for the majority of your loading, if you feel the need for really slick chambering (hunting or CMP games rapid fire stages), partial FL to the point where you get proper function with the FL dies. This is what I do, and my brass lasts a long time and is easy to work. Also good to have the FL set on hand if you luck into some range brass and wish to convert to your rifles.

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