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Reloading for both bolt and semi auto swedes

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Reloading for both bolt and semi auto swedes

#1 Post by KneverKnew » Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:18 pm

For my C96/ 38 I typically set the shoulder back 3-4 thousandths from fired position. This gives me a little bit of resistance closing the bolt, but works fine and gives the best accuracy/reliability over just neck sizing. When I tried loading one of these in my newly acquired "old" Ljungman it was clear I would have to do full length resizing of the cases to feed properly in the semi-auto.
I was wondering how others were reloading for the Ljungman, and if a good shoulder position would be to size to the same shoulder position as the M41 Swedish Surplus Ammo?

My plan is to use Re-15 (for the semi-auto gas system requirements) instead of the Re-22 I'm using in the bolt gun to duplicate the M41's.
I am using Sierra 140 Match Kings. I also have 140 Game Kings I'll try once I land on a good load with the SMK's.

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Re: Reloading for both bolt and semi auto swedes

#2 Post by sheepdawg » Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:11 pm

44.5 grains of RL22 with a 140 or 142 gr. Match King seems to be the standard for the m96 with various OALs between 3.05 & 3.10. It is a fine load for most of my rifles. There are other very good loads out there, we learned these back when you had trouble finding powder, primers, etc. a few years ago. I never had trouble finding IMR7828ssc and a great load for it is 44 grs. on a 140 gr. pill with a 3.06 OAL. This is my current m/41B load using Nosler Custom Comps. This load seems to be dialed in with the Ajack scope elevation ring darn well. It also is a fine load for my FSR rifes. My old 1915 shooter hates Nosler and prefers the same 7828ssc load using the longer 142 gr. Match King or 140 grain Barnes Matchburner, a cheaper Match King clone. This is probably because the 1915s barrel isn't what I'd call mirrorlike, more like serviceable. It has gotten pretty darn close to m.o.a. worn barrel and all. Good results can also be achieved with several medium slow to slow powders and the m96 using a 140 gr. projectile. The great thing about the old Swedes is that they aren't very picky about powders as long as you remember the long barrel prefers a slower powder.

My CG63 load is 44 gr. of IMR 4381 using a 129 gr. Hornady SST @ 3.04 OAL. The CG63 seems to like something a tad faster due to the different twist rate of the barrel.

Anyone else have a pet load they wish to share?
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