Accumount Question

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Accumount Question

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I've had my Model 96 for a few years now and it performs very well. It’s a 1906 dated rifle. My local gun club runs a vintage “sniper” match and I thought I would try out my Swed. So, I bought an Accumount Scope mounts for the rifle.

Before buying the scope mount, I asked the Accumount people if the mount would require drilling holes thru any of the markings on the receiver and they assured me it would not, so I bought the mount.

When the mounts arrived, I trail fitted them to the receiver rail and the center hole lines right up on top of the serial number – not a good idea to drill thru the serial number.

My question is: Is there any way to install the mounts without drilling thru the serial number?

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Re: Accumount Question

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The Swedes stamped the serial numbers on the base and the mount when they converted a M96 to a M41/B, so I think this made up for the covering of the original serial number. After the base was put on the rifle and staked and pinned in place, most were not removed. Once you drill 5 holes in the receiver to convert the rifle to a sniper, I don't really see what difference maintaining the original serial number makes. You will have pretty much irreversibly changed the rifle at that point anyhow.

Note that you will need to cut a notch in the stock for the base to fit at the proper level. If you are still over the serial number at that point, you would either have to leave out the screw or pin that is over the number, which I would not recommend.

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