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Mosin hord with odd importer

1891, 91/30, M38, M44, 91/59, P-series, M27, M28, M28-30 and M39
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Mosin hord with odd importer

#1 Post by 72 usmc » Mon Jul 30, 2018 9:40 pm

I went to a Cabelas- Richfield WI, somewhat south of West Bend, WI and the store had 23, Mosin 91/30s both hex and round receivers. The oddest ones I have seen with a nice small, hardly visible import mark on the left side at the wood line, and a tiny new serial number not visible to my eyes-- you need a magnifier to see the mark it was so small, on the right side of the receiver at the wood line. These had a import mark that read "FOX TROT SKN NY". No pictures. The guy would not let me snap a photo.

The import mark was very light and blended into the blue--very odd. Actually great small indiscreet marks that must post date 2002 since they are on the receiver and not the barrel. These are matching rifles, but they had huge rust spots looking like an old rusty car part or craters on the moon. Way too rusted on the metal. They had sports on the receiver top,the bands, and the bolt, like water damaged during crate storage. Great wood stocks, but the metal was so poor due too large rust spots that I would not have paid $49 when Mosins were normally $79 for such a specimen. Get this, Cabelas had $349 on the garbage.
These were great all matching rifles with cleaning rods- no counter bores, no slings, but they were destroyed by water -rust damaged. One would have to be nuts to pay that much. Odd they found a hord of M91/30s. They must have been in cosmo or in a wrap and were destroyed by moisture that got under the cosmo.

Anyone ever see a FOX TROT import mark on Mosins from NY? I would have paid $50 for the stocks -- but $349 is a joke.
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Re: Mosin hord with odd importer

#2 Post by DaleH » Tue Jul 31, 2018 9:52 am

I see them (Foxtrot) listed w/ Guns Intl as an importer:

https://www.gunsinternational.com/guns- ... =100933891

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