m44 mosin question

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m44 mosin question

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hi Ive been dormant for a long time and opened the last 65$ m44 rifle i purchased 13yrs ago and ive not seen one like this The metal parts seem to be New not refurb new but like brand new Not the stock its used but the numbers are EPd but done way nicer than ive seen and it looks like there wasn't any stamped numbers to the parts i
Now i know how they look when they remove them and its not that look If they did remove them they spent quality time doing it But thats not what has me the most curious The fit the smoothness of the bolt and how the stocks been almost bedded in places looks to me as someone spent some time on the gun upon opening the magazine latch a soviet coin came out Thats still not why im posting this But after shooting this m44 its Extremly Accurate and im not saying im the authority because of 100 or so rifles ive had or have shot but several of us have never never shot any mosin that functions and feels like this one But thats just from our experience Has anyone heard of anything like this ? Thanks

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Re: m44 mosin question

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Re: m44 mosin question

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Russian: Tula or Izy or is it from another country? Is it a late date rifle say 1947, 1948 ? My 48 is brand new, unissued, in the wrap and has a smooth bolt with a new barrel. But no electro written numbers. You would be surprised how nice a Mosin is when the bolt and trigger is fine tuned and polished and the barrel is new with crisp rifling.
Polish m44s and Chinese T53s have smooth actions. We need pictures. What import mark? A "Century" mark that is on the barrel not receiver? Even the receiver is EPed? Line outs? Any stamped numbers on the rifle?


What coin and date?
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Re: m44 mosin question

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Damn, now I'm curious as to year and maker. :)
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