Correct WW2 Sling

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Correct WW2 Sling

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I have noticed the commonly available 91/30 Mosin Nagant Sling is green with brown dog collars. Are these post WW2? I have seen some things that suggest WW2 issue slings may have been light brown or tan. Any ideas?
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Re: Correct WW2 Sling

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Lots of reproductions read this: ... slings.asp

I like a well used, filty, coarse canvas in light tan or brownish color with some makers marks, or the black naval slings in leather or canvas.

Also see ... _sling.htm
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Re: Correct WW2 Sling

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I also prefer original [SA] T stamped war time slings for my Finn Mosins and the one Russian 5 line 91-30 I have. I don't feel I have a complete rifle unless it has a proper sling and cleaning rod.


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