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Got a question for CandyMan

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Got a question for CandyMan

#1 Post by yooper_sjd » Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:23 pm

I procured a 1945 K Kale short rifle. My understanding from the research I did was they were thrown together from parts of left over runs from previous yrs. After taking my apart it looked like it. Alot of arsenal work was done with with dull chisels and gouges. I have sense floated the barrel and upper hand guard with a dowel and sandpaper till I had no contact with metal till the 2st metal band. Have not shot it yet since doing the work. I reworked 1000 rds of mid 50's iranian 8mm with my berdan to boxer conversion. should i glass bed this and ship the action before even going out to fire it??????


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