Differences in the K. Kale Turks?

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Differences in the K. Kale Turks?

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Someone please explain What are the differences between K. Kale Turkish Mauser and the other types? More or less valuable? Differences in quality? Etc.?

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Re: Differences in the K. Kale Turks?

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K.Kale Mausers were manufactured new from 1940 at the Kirk Kale plant in Turkey.
Since Turkey was neutral during WW2 most you will find in good to very good condition.
Basically a M98 configuration with Turkish mods such as the stock and sights
Not as "collectable " such as K98 and other Mausers from Europe, they are well made,
not up to pre WW2 German standard but are rugged and accurate.
They are still cheap to buy but prices are going up, last of the Mauser Bargains
Buy one while they are still reasonably cheap.

https://surplused.com/index.php/2014/08 ... sh-rifles/
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Re: Differences in the K. Kale Turks?

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you most likely know about this original source:
Turkish assembled rifles are marked K. Kale, for the arsenal where they were assembled. It also seems to be the case that, for the first time, receivers and parts were made in Turkey and assembled starting in 1940. This is a large ring small shank
8mm mauser
Nothing special, I aim not sure I would associate the term" valuable" with a Turked rifle. They are fun and what is now needed is an example of each type of Turk rifle in your collection. :D You caught the Turk bug!
:arrow: :shock: One of my favorites is a Turk forestry carbine.
https://www.forgottenweapons.com/new-ad ... ollection/
https://www.milsurps.com/content.php?r= ... e-Carbine)

K Kale see https://www.turkmauser.com/1938/

There is a short and long rifle version.

Most will have a miss match on the bolt, but even though not matching most do headspace on a FIELD gauge. If the barrel is good they are fine shooters. Key to a nice specimen is if the barrel is great and if the bolt actually headspaces. It is better to have the odd, rarely found matching bolt Turk- they seem to be more desirable, but a luck of the draw. I would say 90% have mismatched bolts. Bayonets are cheep & plentiful at most gun shows. They are $50 rifles that seem to go around $200-350 now.
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