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I need help finding parts for a K.Kale Mauser

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I need help finding parts for a K.Kale Mauser

#1 Post by MrMack » Sun Apr 21, 2019 5:08 pm

Many years ago I had a pretty good Kirikkale Mauser, but the stock had started to crack because the recoil lug didn't actually connect with the receiver. I took it apart to repair it, got distracted, and left for college. In the meantime the bag of random parts got lost. So the only parts I still have are the cracked stock, kick pad, recoil lug, receiver, barrel, and bolt.

I figure I can get it back to firing condition with a trigger guard, magazine spring, follower, floorplate, and the related bolts. The problem I'm having is that Numrich doesn't list those parts for the 1938 model, but does for other Turkish models, like the 1893 and 1903. I'm fairly certain that the parts from some other models will work, but I can't be certain without seeing them in person. Does anyone know which parts might work?

Thanks for any help.

72 usmc
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Re: I need help finding parts for a K.Kale Mauser

#2 Post by 72 usmc » Sun Apr 21, 2019 7:42 pm

Not sure what you have, but a K Kale dated post 1940-1946 is generally a Turk rebuilt of parts. I would think any Gew 98, ATF, or 98/22 parts should fit to make a Franken-monster. It should be a Small Shank barrel, Large Ring receiver, compatible in major parts to Gew98s and Vz98/22s. ATF is a rebuild of a 98.
Turks are still low priced dogs at gun shows. Is your bolt complete? Does it match the receiver/barrrel number? Is the barrel like new or a worn out dog with heavy muzzle wear? I would keep the bolt if the next Turk does not headspace, a common attribute on Turk Mausers. You have 2 bolts to get it to headspace. By the time you get all the parts and nothing matches, you are throwing cash in a hole. Search another nice Turk at around $300. Get a real nice shooter Turk and save those parts. If the barrel is mint, which I doubt, and the bolt actually matches- which I doubt. I'd save the action. Otherwise the bolt is the only good part if complete- about $75. There are always lots of 98 parts on flee bay, but prices add up fast. If it's like my house, stuff gets lost and shows up when you least expect it to. It may be a year or two later :roll: :lol: Poof ! there is that bag of parts. :shhh:

98/22 , Gew 98s, and ATF turks or turk kales generally make good shooters if the barrel is intact. Heck Vz 24s are great shooters all for under $300 at most shows. Consider another nice mauser. Keep the other for parts, how bad is the stock crack? Is it worth the effort? Did it headspace and is not counterbored?
I am thinking after you add up parts and postage you are going to be around $125-150 :doh: :think: Check your bolt to see if it is a common Truked stamped one or if it is a former Gew 98 bolt that is Imperial marked - worth much more if it is a WW I German matching bolt. Parts are at Libertytreecollectors, Apex, Gun parts, Hoosier, Sarco, and eBay. Springfield sporters is closed that would have been my fist spot. Maybe on eBay you can find the entire trigger and magazine assembly complete with the spring, follower, and floor plate with the 2 screws. Then you have bands, sights, and ejector?

A second thought is you buy a cheep, but intact, smoked, sewer pipe barrel 38 Turk for its stock and parts and use your good barrel and receiver and compile one nice rifle. Dog condition complete, Turk Kales with poor barrels and/or ones out of headspace with mismatched bolts can be had for 130-160 at gun shows as wall hangers. Think of it as "parts" on a stick. Always look for German Imperial Gew 98 marked parts. A complete, matching to itself, GEW 98, Imperial marked bolt is a great find. A great trade item. Most of us have a variety of Turk 98 bolt bodies, but few if any are GEW 98 complete bolts. If your barrel & receiver is great, SWITCH IT OUT, that is the easy way to go for parts and a nice uncracked stock. You will end up with a nice rifle.

Did your rifle look like this one
https://www.libertytreecollectors.com/p ... oduct=9903
picture 542.jpg_thumbnail0.jpg
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