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"And so, the game's afoot"! King Henry IV Part I, 1597

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"And so, the game's afoot"! King Henry IV Part I, 1597

#1 Post by Tommy Atkins » Tue Nov 27, 2018 1:59 pm

Finally tracked down one of these little devils:
"Mount, No9 site affixing to the SMLE, Close up"! It seems to be made by A.J. Parker & oddly its Broad Arrow stamped, perfect match for the rifle!
Gave it a quick birthday & it looks decent.
Now all I have to do is wait for my spies "across the pond" to find me a nice BSA No9G sight to go with it! They seem to all be hoarded in private collections here in the U.S. "Our Precioussssss"! :shock:

My '14 BSA ShtLE No 1 MkIII has a P-H 5A on it now but its a pain when cleaning the rifle, nothing like the 5C on a no4!
(plays Jeopardy music)

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