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help with discovering Lee-Enfield SMLE year of manufacture?

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help with discovering Lee-Enfield SMLE year of manufacture?

#1 Post by bdbryant64 » Fri Nov 03, 2017 8:46 am

Hello All,

I wondered whether someone on this Forum could assist me with determining the year of manufacture of my latest SMLE purchase?
There are a few "distinguishing marks" on it, particularly this one on the buttstock:

F ^ E

the wristband has No 1 Mk III on it with "FR" underneath the rifle type designation - there seems to be no crown on the wrist band at
all (with monarchs initials under it) - just "FR"...

finally, the serial number is this: 57469X - this serial number can be found in the usual places: nose at the muzzle, forestock underneath,
underneath rear sight, and receiver (bolt has another number - so is probably mismatched).

if anyone would care to take a crack at helping me resolve year of manufacture and place of manufacture for this, i would sure appreciate it!!

-Ben Bryant

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Re: help with discovering Lee-Enfield SMLE year of manufacture?

#2 Post by Tommy Atkins » Fri Nov 03, 2017 12:04 pm

"FR" is (arguably) Indian, or "Field Repair", If it was in India they may well have scrubbed & remarked it as the did that as a matter of course. Is there a transverse bolt or screw through the fore-stock just in front of the magazine?
If so that's another indication of Indian involvement.
No1 MkIII as opposed to MkIII* would make it an earlier rifle as they switched to the Mk3* in late 1915.

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