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'Cuz. 'Merica, yeah!

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'Cuz. 'Merica, yeah!

#1 Post by Tommy Atkins » Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:28 am

A nice day at the range.
I went to the 100/200 yd range at the local shooting club today. When I arrives there were 2 men there already down on the 25Yd point. As I arrived they were finishing up & moving back to the 100yd point. As I was zeroing the re-shimmed PH5A I went up & joined them.
It turned out America isn't quite dead yet, despite the efforts of those who'd like to remodel it their way. The two were a father & son. The Father was a veteran of Desert Shield/Storm 1 & had done 2 tours. The rifles, a Rem 700BDL in 25-06 & a pump action Remington in .308 I don't remember the model number. They'd been “Granpaw's”, They'd inherited them after He'd passed away & this was the first time son & grandson had been able to fire them.
The young man was absolutely entranced with ol' SMELLIE so I asked if he'd like to try it out after I got it sighted in.
YES! Was an understatement!
Well we got sighted & it was his turn.
It was funny how things we take for granted have become “forgotten” skills!
Loading the magazine with chargers was a surprise, dad popped the mag & was trying to load directly into the mag, Like you'd do with an M-16 & the adapter, & when I showed him the normal method he was surprised how slick it was. The son was amazed the way the now empty charger could be ejected with the bolt!
The father was used to peep sights, but the modern M-16 type, the PH's vernier scale was a revelation to him.
The son was absolutely blown away! He'd used the Remington Factory open sights & a 3~9 scope, but this was like a whole new world opening up to him.
They both got to pop off a charger at 100 then he wanted to go back to 200yds (which was where I wanted to go in the first place.)
We staple up a 8” paper plate & retired to 200yds. The father took pains to ensure the son didn't look back.
When we were sorted out at the 200 point he had the son turn round & see exactly how small an 8” plate looked at that distance. His eyes were the size of the plate when he saw it! He was convinced he couldn't hit it if he tried. So we had him get the SMLE & give it a shot. He put 10 rounds into it.
It turns out they were practicing for the son's first deer hunt. Now he knows how far away 200 yds really is, without optical enhancement. He knows he can, if the shot presents itself, put “one in the boiler room” & best of all he bonded with his father & got outside to have a pleasant day.
I'm actually kind of humbled to have shared the experience.
Oh, they don't reload so they insisted I should take the .308 brass as I can use it. I suggested they keep the 25-06 because one day they might.
I've been there for a number of father & son or father & daughter range trips but this was my first 3 generation Traditional shoot. Like I said, America ain't' dead yet!

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Re: 'Cuz. 'Merica, yeah!

#2 Post by DaleH » Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:45 pm

Good on you! Awesome story and thanks for your efforts. I bet you made a life-long impression (education?) on the son!

In a way, I do the same thing when tesching people to shoot pistols, as our 180-yard 'open range' berm is a large sand hill. I'll have them shoot at 4" & 6" square wood blocks placed in the middle of the berm. And then tell them - repeatedly ... all focus is on the front sight, front sight, front sight ... and to have them CALL the shot (good, high, low or left or right) as they break the shot ... and before it impacts the berm.

Some of my students have to shoot the Police qualification exam to get the 'license to carry' and a few have remarked that the licensing officer has said "Who the hell taught you to shoot?" when they've not only passed, but have shot top scores ;) .

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Re: 'Cuz. 'Merica, yeah!

#3 Post by Friedspam » Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:26 pm

Merica ain't dead, don't let the media try to convince anyone of that.

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