Target no4 mk2

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Target no4 mk2

Post by Swissk31 »

Hi folks,

Ive a question about the front sight for a no4.
Ive a PH5C target sight fitted to a no4 mk2 i have but i was hoping to put a apeture front sight on to.

Through horse trading with a friend i have a old john wilkes precision fore sight and a modified no4 dovetail stage to accept it.

Is it difficult to replace the stage? Will i ruin the rifle if i do it?

Ps i dont know the propper name for the front sight holding piece so calling it a stage.
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Tommy Atkins
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Re: Target no4 mk2

Post by Tommy Atkins »

Not really difficult.
Undo the protector screw & remove the protector. (on the rifle).
With the barrel supported so you do not beat on the forend & upper handguard, drive the cross pin out of the sight block (dovetail stage) with a hammer & punch (usually to the LEFT looking as you'd shoot it.)
A little penetrating oil in the rear end between the block & the barrel & leave overnight muzzle down.
Using a non marring punch tap the sight mounting block (dovetail stage) forward off the muzzle. Try not to damage the pin. It may be pretty stubborn. Its probably slightly tapered, make sure you mark it in some way to tell which is which end.
Wiggle your sight & block on in its place.
Kind of jiggle & wiggle till the hole in the block lines up with the groove in the barrel. (a slave pin like a fine nail will be helpful.)
Drive the old pin back in the opposite way you drove it out.
Re fit the sight protector (if it will fit & if you want it, its kind of optional the hood IS the new protector.)
Re Zero the P-H 5C at 200 yds.
EDITED: Looking at your pictures that new sight seems to have a clamping bolt for locking it to the barrel. If it does, use that instead of the old pin. If you do be careful to rotate it correctly before tightening it as it probably won't allow alignment as the pin did. Check if the new bolt fits in the old cross cut in the bore too. It may need to be modified to fit properly.

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