What series is this Type 99 Short Rifle?

Arisaka, Murata, Siamese, Korean, and North China Rifles
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Re: What series is this Type 99 Short Rifle?

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At the front store has the best US and German reproductions:

However, they do not carry Japanese reproductions. World war supply has cheeper made reproductions of Japanese items:
Now for quality reproductions that can be aged to fool people like the reenactors do, you get one of Don Schlickman's cleaning rods. He has the ~best~ reproduction parts of anybody. They are so close that unless you know to look for his identification mark( he marks he reproductions), they are so good that will pass for an original. Don can be contacted at dfsjpn@aol.com for a list or further information. I have not talked to him in about two years.

With that rifles bring back provenience, a written letter form the vet with his story, photo of vet with that rifle, or actual bring back papers & shipping box: I would purchase and original rod and sling and leave it at that. You would be looking at a $300-350 investment- the sling being the hardest to find. Many so called original rods on eBay are fakes. Those you really need to see in person.

https://forums.gunboards.com/showthread ... fle-Slings

Arisaka slings are faked using Swedish M 1896 Mauser original slings and modifying them and can be found on eBay as originals. They also use these to produce nicer reproductions>
s-l640.jpg (124.06 KiB) Viewed 1903 times
The Swedish Mauser sling, being a vintage design and often made in the Ww2 or earlier period, makes a wonderful substitute Arisaka sling. One of the features that quickly identifies a stock unmodified Swede sling is that the buckle is stitched on, where as the Arisaka sling just has the leather folded around the buckle but it is not stitched.

By removing the stitched portion of leather and making a new hole for the buckle tongue, the Swede sling can be made to better resemble an Arisaka sling. Me, I use Swede slings on Arisakas but don't bother to modify them - it is what it is, 99% of people out there who aren't Arisaka collectors or sling experts can't tell the difference, and I'm not out to fool anyone.

Due to their age and quality leather, Swede slings do look better and more correct on Arisaka rifles than most of the various reproduction Arisaka slings I've seen, that have a cheap, nasty, schitty look like many of the replica 98k slings also have.

Look at the button not Japanese, hole pattern more holes than an original, and buckle size (width and thickness). Here is info. on original arisakka slings. Study originals. http://www.rollanet.org/~stacyw/Jap_T99 ... ersion.htm

another link to a nice original: https://pre98.com/shop/holsters/japanes ... ll-marked/
photo from above source: pre 98 PHOTO
jling3-1024x768.jpg (256.15 KiB) Viewed 1897 times

Here is a link with photos of better made Reproduction slings made from original Sweed slings.
https://forums.gunboards.com/showthread ... CLEARANCE)
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Re: What series is this Type 99 Short Rifle?

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72 usmc. I just now got back to this forum. Thank you so much for your info and references to the other sites. I’m learning!!!
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