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REPOST - Graf and Sons Recall of 7,7 mm Japanese

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REPOST - Graf and Sons Recall of 7,7 mm Japanese

#1 Post by Zeliard » Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:46 pm

Originally posted by VonMazur.

Guys: I am posting this for your information. Graf's would not discuss this recall, or tell me why, Hornady is doing the Sgt..Schultz act; ie: "We know Nothing..."

The reason given does not make sense. (to me!) So you guys can read this and be governed accordingly..

I recommend that the ammo in these batches be returned..

"Graf and Sons is recalling four (4) lots of Item #80490 7.7 Jap 150gr. SP Graf and Sons
(Hornady) Ammo and 1 (1) lot of Item #80500 7.7 Jap 150gr. SST Graf and Sons (Hornady)
Ammo. These lots were shipped between September 2012 and April of 2013.
Item #80490 Lot numbers 3130135, 3122007, 3130876, 3130988.
Item #80500 Lot number 3131081.
Hornady Mfg Company ballisticians have determined that some cartridges from Item #80490 Lot
numbers 3130135, 3122007, 3130876, 3130988, and Item #80500 Lot number 3131081 may
exhibit inconsistent ignition from the large chamber variations in surplus rifles that may lead to a
dangerous situation. Use of this product may result in firearm damage and or personal injury."

Added 05 AUG 3013-This is the reason that the ammo should not be used!

"I really don’t have much more info than what is on the recall- inconsistent ignition. And of course anytime you have ignition problems there are safety concerns.
We alerted Hornady early on when we had reports of powder not burning and clumping. We also sent it to an outside expert who pretty much came to the same, albeit vague conclusion.

Hornady is really just erring on the side of caution but this is going to be very expensive for us and them so I assure you it isn’t something that was done lightly. And we fully appreciate that this is a pain for our customers as well.

I wish we had substitute product because that is really all anybody wants is good ammo that functions as designed but unfortunately I haven’t had any luck coming up with any at this point. If we do come up with a substitute, we will be in contact with everyone that returned it.

We do appreciate your advising customers to return the ammo. Ultimately it is voluntary but we do want to get as much of this back as possible.

I do apologize for not having more detailed information but I’m very confident Hornady is doing the right thing for the right reasons"

Jeff Knowles (Graf and Sons)

If you have any of this ammo, contact Graf's for return and refund instructions. Clumping powder and inconsistent ignition is very dangerous in even the Type 99 action. I recommend the return of this ammo. Do not fire it with this problem!!
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Re: REPOST - Graf and Sons Recall of 7,7 mm Japanese

#2 Post by toot » Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:22 am

thanks for the information. it is great to get the heads up!

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