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Carcano Type "I" 500 yard range report

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Carcano Type "I" 500 yard range report

#1 Post by Rapidrob » Sat Dec 22, 2018 7:24 pm

Reports state that the very good or better condition rifles are very good shooter......
Today I held our annual " Santa Claus Shoot" Hit Santa ( man torso AR550 target) and then his ten tiny reindeer ( painted rams) at 500 yards. 20 shots. The least rounds, most hits wins.
I loaded up several bullet types. Round nose .267 160 grain, round nose .268 160 grain and Spitzer boat-tail 140 grain FMJ's.
All were over 38 grains of IMR-4831 ( compressed load ).
The 400 yard battle sight did shoot about 10 yards short at our elevation,5,800 feet.
The flip up 500 meter sight was 16" high. A six o'clock hold was dead center. The sights are very easy to use.
The .264 bullets went high, well duh, SPBT bullets, but were dead on target. After adjusting my hold all rounds hit the target.
The .268 Hornandy were very hard to load in the chamber. In my rifle it was not worth the effort. The .267's were a nice fit ( loaded to rifling) and shot well.
The .264's shot just as well.
IMHO the type I rifle with a like new bore is am outstanding shooting rifle. The rifle is a better shooter than my 6.5 Carcano M91's with gain twist rifling.
Now, I need to try other powder just to see what it likes in FPS and pressures.
i'm looking forward to trying the rifle at our 800 yard target.
The bolt throw is a little stiff due to the rifle being new? I'll need to cycle it with Breakfree to loosen it up a little.
I really like this rifle.
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Re: Carcano Type "I" 500 yard range report

#2 Post by SWIHARTMARK » Wed Dec 26, 2018 7:24 pm

.268 diameter bullets are designed for Carcanos since they have larger bores than standard .264 diameter 6.5mm. My M91 Carcano made in 1917 is a big candidate for that bullet as well as most 6.5mm Carcano rifles. The typo I was made to strict standards laid down by Japanese inspectors in the Italian factories were they were made, so their bores are exceptionally suited for standard 6.5mm bullets, unlike their own ammo which was a bit bigger and not as uniform as from what I have read. My M91/41 Carcano made in 1943 seems to like standard 6.5mm bullets, but I bet the tooling was well worn by then so perhaps it has a smaller bore.

Also of note on the Typo I is its tight chamber, not enlarged so it may function even if it is dirty, like most Type 38's. If you want to save your 6.5mm Japanese brass, stay with the Typo I as a result.

The Typo I, as the Italians called them, is an excellent hybrid of many technologies. The magazine is German, the rifling is British, and the receiver is Italian and is second only to an Arisaka in strength. I also think the Swedes influenced the Japanese choice of caliber. Since many were is storage when the war ended, they should have new bores. I really like mine, but wish it had peep sights like the type 99's.

The only rifles I think the Japanese had that were better were the early model Type 99's which sported a barrel as long as the Type 38's along with peep sights and a chromed bore. I think you would also be pleased to have one of those in your collection. I have heard Typo I's have been know to win quite a few matches though.

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