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Type 38 rifle at 500 yards.

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Type 38 rifle at 500 yards.

#1 Post by Rapidrob » Sun Dec 17, 2017 6:32 pm

I took the new to me Type 38 rifle to my 500 yard range today. The weather was cold and dead calm at first with a mirage moving R to L at 3 mph after about 20 minutes. Sky was bright and cloudless. Sun was to my 4 o'clock.
I took three loadings. None were to go faster than 2,200 fps. I took .262 original Dutch FMJ RN 154 grain bullets and Hornandy .264 Spitzer boat-tail 140 grain bullets.
I also had Hornandy .266 160 grain RN bullets as well.
Our range sits at 7,000 feet ASL so I had to set the sets at 400 meters to hit the 500 yard target even with my slow moving bullets.
The Target was Santa and 14 'Reindeer" (rams) sitting on an upside-down rail road rail.
The rifle shot very well indeed. If I did my part I hit the Santa target every time and was able to hit the reindeer several times. The bullet impact even at low velocity was impressive and the 60 pound AR-500 steel rams were knocked off the rail with vigor.
Santa is made of cold rolled steel and the bullets left a deep dent in the 1/2" steel 300 pound target.
The Hornandy .266 bullets are not safe in my rifle, Too much pressure is generated due to my rifles small bore. ( .2625 on avg slugged twice)
I now need to buy a bag of brass and find the load at a higher velocity to match the WWII Jap loading for my rifle. I am very pleased with how well this rifle shoots at distance and can't wait to try it at 800 yards. My Type 99 7.7 Jap rifle is amazing at 800 yards.
I will conduct the test I mentioned shooting 1" thick cold rolled steel with my 6.5 MS, 6.5 Dutch, the 6.5 Carcano and now the 6.5 Jap at 2-300 yards. I'm sure the results will be very impressive with 160 grain FMJ RN bullets.
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