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Japanese type 30 hook safety Rifles and Carbines

Arisaka, Murata, Siamese, Korean, and North China Rifles
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Japanese type 30 hook safety Rifles and Carbines

#1 Post by Roy mcleod » Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:12 pm

In, my collection I, have two sets/pairs of Japanese type 30 Rifles and carbines. I, have a pending
sale/trade underway. I, need some help, on market value, on these two items.
Photos from the top down
Type 30 long rifle w/ nice mum
Type 30 Carbine w/ nice mum

Type 30 long rifle mum removed smooth top.
Type 30 carbine w/ mum removed smooth top For some reason this Carbine has a stained dark finish. C
Both rifle and carbine are in good gen cond.
Close up photos from the top down

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