Type 99 w/ bayonet and frog

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Type 99 w/ bayonet and frog

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Stopped in at my LGS to pick up some powder and saw a Type 99 on the rack. Didn’t have a lot of time to look it over, but it had a full mum, matching bolt, AA sights. Had a ding in the right side of the trigger guard and a sliver about the size of my ring finger missing from the right side of the stock, apparently from shrapnel. Overall the rifle was in fair-good condition, price is $300. The shop owner had a Type 30 bayonet with original scabbard and frog as well. He was really excited about the bayonet rig and that the frog was in such good shape. He wanted $600 for everything. I don’t follow the market as closely as I should and don’t know what kind of value the frog has. I know that $300 for the rifle is about right and that bayonets with scabbards but not frog go for 100-150. Thoughts?
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Re: Type 99 w/ bayonet and frog

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I guess I'd ask if it had original monopod, sling, dust cover, and cleaning rod. If no monopod, or dust cover. well ... the bolt matched and is the cleaning rod present and original? What maker and series? Then what maker is the bayonet and is it early or late? Is the blade clean or dinged, rusty and is the Bayonet's sheath metal or wood and is the frog leather or rock hard rubberized canvass? Who is the maker of the bayonet? A big factor in price. I'd tend to put an average bayonet in good condition, metal non dented sheath, and a not too dry leather frog at $175-200. Depending on factors, the rifle should be valued at $200-300 if average, with a matching bolt and at least a cleaning rod. A Sling is worth $200+ if original. You need to get more information at that high price. I'd say $250-300 for the set is OK, if an average Type 99. Battle damage is a plus if shrapnel is present, a bullet hole or burn marks. Unless they are hard to find in your area, an Arisaka at $ 600 is kind of nuts, unless it's something special. :think: However, It sounds like a run of the mill type 99, a $200-300 rifle with a bayonet valued at top price around $75-125. That bayonet should be thrown it to sweeten the deal. Common bayonets are at $75-125 and a frog at say $50???? Lots of bayonets with frogs at $200 on flee bay... it is a common bayonet also seen at gun shows for less.

It seems priced way too high. It depends on the maker & how rare the rifle is, if the bayonet maker matches the rifle, if the bore is chrome lined, if the stock is just cracked or it' s a unique sort of battle damage. If the stock was refinished, or if it has original finish with Jap cartouches/letters stamped on the stock. Then look at the screws, are they still staked, see if the firing pin was cut & if the bolt matches itself, then look at the type of patina, how much rust? Make sure the frog and cleaning rod are not aged fakes--some are really good reproductions. For me a $600 type 99 better be matching, have an original stock, have a sling, a cleaning rod, a mum, and have the historical provenience of the marine that brought it back. Subtract $100 for the bayonet, you are still at $500 for a $300 rifle. I am old and cheep, but it smells way too high. But if you got easy cash, and like it, then you buy it. Sounds like you are not really excited about it. :think: At $300 I'd grab it for a shooter. Check prices at Libertreecollecctors and Empire arms.
see old archives: http://www.surplusrifleforum.com/viewto ... =79&t=3826

There are more than a few type 99s with mums at gun shows.. I'd buy the best example I could find at that high price. A quality piece is a rifle you will never regret buying. Think quality not quantity, especially at that price. Go to larger gun shows and get an idea of what is found in your area.

markings: http://www.castle-thunder.com/arsenal.htm

You are not too close to Fond du lac WI where the biggest gun show in WI is. Always Japanese rifles for sale, the trick is too find a jewel, not a run of the mill shooter at that price range..
I would think with 600 cash in your pocket, you would basically have pick of the litter at a gun show when it comes to a type 99.
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Re: Type 99 w/ bayonet and frog

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The bayonet is way overpriced in my opinion. I have a few japanese bayonets some with original frogs. Never payed more than $150 for any of them. The rifle sounds like a good deal though, especially with an intact mum.
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Re: Type 99 w/ bayonet and frog

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A few months back I was at a local pawn shop, they had a type 99 with sling, bayonet, scabbard and frog. Wanted $500 for the whole batch. When I asked to look it over, they said not unless I was willing to put a down payment on it, they were getting tired of having to get the step stool, get it down, then put it back after some "expert" pawed it over. From what I could see it did have the monopod and when I asked about the anti-aircraft sight they were "pretty sure" it had them. They went on to tell me that it was a really rare rifle as the sling, bayonet and scabbard were all serial numbered the same, from the factory. I voiced the opinion that they were not put together in the factory, that bayonets and slings were issued after the rifle left the factory, and the guy said in a very snide voice "Oh, another expert" and walked away. I haven't been back since.
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