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1891 long rifle finley shoots well at long range

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1891 long rifle finley shoots well at long range

#1 Post by Rapidrob » Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:03 pm

I have been trying to shoot this rifle at long range for decades. Nothing worked well. Not bullet diameter,not powder type not bullet seating depth.
Today for the first time the rifle finely digested a load it really liked. So much so the rifle will be a fine shooter from now on with ANY bullet diameter.
I was giving the rifle one last chance before it went up for sale.
I tried a powder I had not used before. IMR-4831. An old stand by for the .30-06 and a darn good one. On the slow side I thought it might be just the thing for the rifles Gain-Twist rifling. Let the bullet accelerate into the rifling. And then ride on top of the rifling.
I five different bullets:
Original Italian 160 grain .266 bullets
Hornandy 140 grain RNFB .264 bullets
Hornandy 160 grain RNFB .268 bullets
Dutch original 160 RNFB .263 bullets
Speer spitzer boat-tail 140 grain .264 bullet
I found all bullets shot well at 200 AND 500 yards.
What shot as well ,if not better than any of them were the Dutch .263 bullets! My rifles bore is .267 measure using a three point caliper. why this is is anyone's guess.
This powder shot bullets better than any other I have tried,and there have been many.
Hitting the 500 target,with the flip up sight in place,and the sights level with each other,was easy to do. The wind was not calm,but the long heavy bullet was able to drill its way to the target shot after shot.
Several of the club members tried my rifle and they too were able to get hits.
After all these years,the rifle has finely lived up to its reputation as being a great shooter. Try this powder in your 6.5's. You too may get the results I have.
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