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M41 restoration

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M41 restoration

#1 Post by Mwt » Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:20 pm

An elderly gunsmith buddy gave me a complete m41 action recently with the stock - cut off just above the lower band. Couldn't resist the challenge to restore it.

Fond a nice looking barrel last week on eBay for $39 shipped. Springfield Sporters had the wood stock section I needed for $9. They also provided the triggerguard, bands, band spring, and cleaning rod. Total investment around $170. Unfortunately the stock section from Springfield Sporters was too short to effect a nice duffle cut repair under the rear band.

Finished rifle.

Installed a tall vz24 front sight to obtain a 100 yard zero.

After getting the sights fine tuned she turned in this 100 yd 5 shot group this afternoon.

I was really surprised at how accurate it is - and this was using .264 Hornady 160 gr bullets.


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