1944 BYF

Gew88, Gew98, Kar98 etc.
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1944 BYF

Post by LouisCali »

I bought this a labor of love project, it came to me as a chopped stock sporter which fortunately the person didn't cut the barrel or drill into the receiver. Kind of sad as it would seem to be a totally matching action, even the serial number in the stock matched.

I eventually purchased one of those stock kits from classic but the metal parts are all Yugo marked which I do plan on swapping out once I get an appropriate spanner wrench. It may be because it's not the right recoil lug or maybe not, but there is a fair amount of play in the action, it slides forward and back a milimeter or two so since replacement I haven't really shot it.
Another thing is that I prefer the look of the later war welded barrel bands so I may buy those eventually and swap them out too but the Yugo ones work for now.
The front sight is a commercial marble but the base appears to be unmodified and the rear sight ladder is from a Spanish Mauser, they're pretty low priority on replacement at the moment.

Otherwise, it's a pretty big improvement though it would have been nice if classic differentiated between stocks with the wrist repair.
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Re: 1944 BYF

Post by Charles Lipscomb »

Very nice.
I am in a similar situation with a 43 dou. But a previous owner chopped an inch or 2 off the butt for a recoil pad, filled in the sling cutout and removed the sling bar on the lower band.
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Re: 1944 BYF

Post by indy1919a4 »

Real nice improvement .. already looks 165% better

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Re: 1944 BYF

Post by Hammerdown »

I have the same problem with the cross bolt nut in the restoration of a CE43. I've used a small punch and lightly tap it with a small hammer to get some cross bolt nuts off, but this one is going to need the proper tool.
Looks good and thank you for saving a piece of history.
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Re: 1944 BYF

Post by MustangHowie »

Looks good. Nice to get it back to military even if it is not correct.

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Re: 1944 BYF

Post by M67 »

Shes got the look!
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Re: 1944 BYF

Post by vandle »

always satisfying to save another one.
for me it looks better in its original form as its designer intended.
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Re: 1944 BYF

Post by onefouralpha »

Oustanding! I always cringe when I see sporterized Mausers, for some reason it's worse for me when they're German.

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