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Model 1871/84 Cases

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 7:17 pm
I had a problem using Starline 45-90 brass to make 11mm Mauser cases. The narrower rim allowed the primer to back out almost exactly the same distance the 45-90 brass was narrower than the standard rim spec. After looking for a solution, an old SRF member suggested I simply superglue on a shim. Not wanting to solder anything on the 45-90's rim and machine it to size later, I took his advise. Now turning and cutting off round aluminum shims about .025 thick and having them fit over the outside diameter of the case and inside the rim diameter is no easy task, but its doable. Next came supergluing them on. I applied two to three dabs along the rim and ever so carefully pressed the shims on. I later filed off any hardened glue on the outside of the rim.

I took my old 71/84 out to the range this weekend as the monsoons briefly subsided in Ohio and the sun came out. I had three old dudes made from Starline 45-90 brass and managed to get one to fire off with its new shim attached. The super glue held and the primer did not back out. I'm calling this a success and might order up some more Starline 45-90 brass to make new 11mm Mauser cases. I also hope to reload my other 45-90 converted rounds and make sure those work as well. You know these monsoon rains in Ohio get you down and you don't plan fully in advance for stuff.

Hope this helps out somebody with a 71/84.

Best Regards,