Isreal 7.62

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Isreal 7.62

Post by junkadict »

Just a heads up APEX has mauser 7.62 barrels in stock. For all who bought the trashed 98s with sewer pipe barrels a few years ago.
The barrel I got I'm vary happy with.

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Re: Isreal 7.62

Post by 72 usmc »

OK, $100 NOS + gunsmith fee :think: :think: :think:
Here is the link for the wizards that could do there own switchie-switchie ... arrel+7.62

Maybe someone can do a tutorial on how to switch out barrels and the tools needed. It would be a cool sticky.
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Re: Isreal 7.62

Post by RWS »

NOS Israeli 7.62 barrels like these were on the market about 30 years ago. I bought one. The only visible difference I see between the one I bought and these from APEX is that mine came blued. After receiving mine I discovered that they were made for short action 98's. While you can mount a short action barrel on a long action, the barrel steps usually won''t line up with the stock cut-outs on a long action. Of course, it will be just fine for making a sporter. Most 98 short actions you find will be either FN or Czech, or at least that was my experience. Eventually I found a Czech VZ24 rifle with a completely shot out barrel for $25.

Making a barrel wrench for Mauser 98 actions is fairly simple. The top of the action is hemispherical and the bottom is completely flat. I had an old 18" long piece of 2" square cold-rolled steel, drilled 2 holes in it, and mounted a 1-1/2" U-bolt on it. Use a quality U-bolt and double-nut it. Voila, instant wrench (and a VERY heavy one at that).
61JJtLOfQ4L._SX679_.jpg (43.04 KiB) Viewed 1821 times
I used a set of M16 HBAR barrel clamps in a 6" vise to keep the barrel from turning. Removing the old barrel and installing the new one was fairly straight-forward but of course the barrel was short-chambered and this is where the economy goes out the window unless you happen to have a 7.62x51 or .308 chamber reamer. I had to wait over a year to find someone that had a chamber reamer and would loan it to me. I only had to ream the chamber about .005", but without the reamer the bolt would never close on a live round.

That was over 30 years ago and I'm working from memory because I eventually gave that rifle away. Plus, I can't guarantee that the barrels Apex is offering are the same short-action barrels that I bought but I am just throwing out the info I remember in case it helps anyone. Otherwise, consider it senile mutterings and disregard.


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Re: Isreal 7.62

Post by Crazysarge16 »

I’ve always wanted an 7.62 Mauser, might be time to do it

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