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Rare and Unusual Ammo For Sale: 7.5x54, .308 Silvertip, 9.3x62, .577/.450 Kynoch, 350 Rem. Mag.

Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:34 pm
by FamilyFirearms
Before we start here is some important information you will need to know.


You must be 21 years of age to buy. Before your order can be shipped you must provide us with:
1. A copy of your driver license or other government issued document that shows your name, date of birth, and address.
2. A signed copy of our ammo statement. It can be found at: ... tement.htm.
If you do not wish to do this, then DO NOT POST "I'LL TAKE IT". 

Ammo will only be shipped to the address listed on your license.

This ammo is NOT for sale in Hawaii, Alaska, Massachusetts, Washington DC, US territories of Guam, Puerto Rico, or Virgin Islands. If you live in one of these areas, please do not try to buy.

California: No sales to the counties of Marin, Contra Costa, and San Francisco. No sales to the cities of Carson, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco and Sunnyvale. Check for other Local & State laws before ordering.

Connecticut: We need either a copy of your 01 FFL, a valid CT handgun permit, a valid CT long gun eligibility certificate, or a valid CT ID AND ammo certificate.

Illinois: No sales to City of Chicago. Must have FOID Card or Concealed Carry License AND State ID.

New Jersey: Must have FID Card and State ID.

New York: No direct sales to consumers. Must have 01, 02, or 07 FFL, OR be a licensed NY State reseller of ammunition.

We charge actual shipping, but before posting you can run a shipping estimate through the UPS Website to give you an estimate of what shipping might costs. Please add 1 lb for packaging to the weight of what you are wanting to ship. Make sure you are checking the box for residential delivery and delivery confirmation. Our zip code is 45056.

Payment will need to be made in the form of USPS Money Order (all other money orders will be held for 5 business days), Check (held for 5 business days), MasterCard, Visa, and Discover (add 3% for credit card). Add 6.5% sales tax if shipped to Ohio.

7.5x54 French MAS Surplus 15rd Boxes on Clips $15 ea.
Each box of ammo has 3 clips and 15rds. The ammo dates are mixed 1972-1975 because this ammo is not sealed, so you may get a mix of dates. The 72 dated ammo has a greenish colored bullet. The rest of the dates feature a shiny silver bullet. This ammo has some slight corrosion present and the brass is tarnished. I have a total of 11 boxes. The price is per box. This item weights 1 lb for shipping purposes. $15 ea.
More pics are available here. ... JahJbKM5xa

Western Super X .308 Win. Silvertip 20rd Box $25
This ammo features a 180gr Silvertip Exp. bullet and is brass cased. It is in good shape for it age, very slight corrosion, if any. The brass is tarnished. The box is in good condition. This item weights 2 lbs for shipping purposes. $25
More pics are available here. ... u87McaQrmW

9.3x62 Sellier and Bellot 20rd Box $40
This ammo features a 185gr soft point bullet and a brass boxer primed case. This ammo is new old stock and is in great shape. It is slight tarnished. The box on the other hand is well worn. This item weights 2 lbs for shipping purposes. $40
More pics are available here. ... hzf4GUasrn

Kynoch .577/.450 Sold for the Martini-Henry Rifles 10rd Box $50 ea.
This ammo features a 480gr bullet and a brass case. Is has some corrosion and tarnish present. The boxes are in fair to good condition. I have 10 boxes and the price is per box. This item weights 2 lbs for shipping purposes. $50 ea.
More pics are available here. ... zuylqFYHKc

.350 Remington Magnum for Components Only 20rd Box $25 ea.
This ammo was hand loaded and is being sold for components only. I have 3 full boxes and one box with 19rds. The brass has some corrosion and tarnishing, but It should clean up well. The box with 19rds is $23.75. This item weights 2 lbs for shipping purposes. $25 ea.
More pics are available here. ... W4LGxWyYLC