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#1 Post by FamilyFirearms » Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:45 pm

I always try to have the best guns and products I can find but there are times when we might miss something. I do not get to shoot every gun but if we have gauges, I head space check them, do ME and TE readings on US guns and inspect the bores and overall condition. In very rare occasions the product might not work properly or you honestly do not think it meets my description I posted or gave to you over the phone. In any of these cases here are your options: 1st we will try to repair it if it is something minor, 2nd replace it (if possible) or refund your money. I am a collector as well and want you to be happy as I would want to be.I will even pay return shipping back to us as long as it is packed up the same way we shipped it out to you (we will need to return it to where we got it as well). The refunds will be made however payment was made ie: credit card refund or by check. Since they vary across the country, WE DO NOT REFUND DEALER TRANSFER FEES. Your best bet is to have a C&R or take heed to this warning before ordering.

Due to people keeping guns for months then contacting us about a problem, we are putting a 30 day inspection period on gun returns. If we get a gun returned months later, we are stuck with it as well and have no recourse from our distributors.

Feel free to ask any questions on products, services or if you just need help on refinishing.

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